Modern Sales Experiences. Unmatched Flexibility.

Take control of your user experiences and unlock infinite sales opportunities with FireLight APIs.

The Power of APIs

Bring your processes into the modern age with the unmatched efficiency of FireLight APIs. Your workflows have never been more flexible. You’ve never had this much centralized control of your user experiences. And your clients have never been more impressed. FireLight APIs let you offer the seamless sales process today’s advisors and clients expect.

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Regardless of your role in the life insurance and annuities industries is, our solutions are designed to enhance the flexibility, speed and simplicity of your sales process and overall experience.

Be Where Sales Happen

Imagine being the carrier that every firm and advisor wants to work with because of how easy it is to do business with you. With FireLight APIs, you can achieve just that. Conveniently configure and manage your business rules, products and integrations in FireLight, and use FireLight APIs to make them available in your partners’ preferred platforms. Advisor portals, CRM systems, wealth management platforms, financial planning systems, direct-to-consumer solutions, post-issue servicing websites. Wherever sales happen—that’s where your distribution partners can do business.

Build Once. Deploy Anywhere.

With FireLight, you can configure your products and rules once and make them accessible anywhere. Embedded APIs allow you to deploy to multiple platforms and sales channels. Gone are the days of rebuilding for every distributor’s preferred system.

Building and managing your rules and products in one centralized place gives you the confidence that distributors are always working with the latest rules, forms and product configurations.

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Save Time and Money

Reduce costs associated with multiple system implementations and maintenance.

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Reduce the Friction

Make it easy for advisors to access your products from their preferred platform.

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Create New Opportunities

Cost-effectively expand into new markets and generate new sales opportunities.

Unlock Your Full Sales Potential

You haven’t seen what your advisors can do until you’ve given them the power of FireLight in a centralized, uninterrupted workflow. Use APIs to embed FireLight activities and services into your advisor portal, CRM system, wealth management platform or financial planning system. Advisors can have confidence working in a familiar environment in front of their clients. And, they can say goodbye to logging in and out of multiple systems to sell different product lines or carriers. Expect faster sales, fewer errors and exceptional performance with FireLight powering your sales process.

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Offer a Superior Advisor Experience

Empower your advisors with the industry’s most streamlined sales automation solution inside their favorite platforms. Your advisors get the power of FireLight with maximum convenience and even greater workflow efficiency. You will recruit and retain top advisor talent by providing the best in modern sales experiences. 

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Keep It Simple

Allow advisors to work in the system they are most familiar with.

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Eliminate Barriers

No longer ask advisors to log in and out of multiple systems to complete a sale.

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Make Advisors Look Good

Empower your advisors to be the hero for their clients with a streamlined sales process.

Signal Advisors, one of the fastest-growing IMOs in the US, embarked on a new initiative to use embedded technology to transform a clunky, cumbersome process into a truly seamless, single-platform experience for their insurance professionals.

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