Digitize Post-Issue Service Requests​

Your advisors will save time, and your clients will have a better post-sale experience when you implement a digital process to manage post-issue support.

Create Powerful and Flexible Post-Sale Support

Transform the way you manage in-force policy changes and give your clients a 21st century service experience after the sale. FireLight’s post-issue services allow advisors and clients alike to submit non-financial and financial policy change requests with speed and security.

Easily manage post-sale transactions for any line of business and enjoy peace of mind thanks to a complete electronic audit trail. It’s powerful post-issue capabilities for you. Simple to use and error-free workflows for your advisors and clients.

Offer a Better Post-Sale Experience

Post-issue services in FireLight streamline the data collection, signature capture and submission process for in-force policy or contract changes. And, you can embed post-issue services from FireLight within your current portal or website so you can service those requests where your clients want to do business: online.

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Meet Modern Expectations

Deliver an easy, fast and fully digital experience that consumers demand.

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Simplify User Workflows

Intuitive data capture, built-in e-signature and pre-fill capabilities save your advisors and clients time and frustration.

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Eliminate Errors

A robust rules engine and easy integration with your administration system take NIGO-causing errors out of the equation. 

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Eliminate Wasted Time and Money

It’s time you removed paper from your vocabulary—along with the needless expenses that come with it. Antiquated processes are devastating to your efficiency and your bottom line. But, it doesn’t need to be this way. Your profit margins get relief when you modernize with FireLight in-force policy servicing software. No more snail mail. No more errors and delays. You can have streamlined digital processes that transform your efficiency and give you the competitive edge. 

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Connect Your Processes

Integrate FireLight with your policy administration system for greater back-office efficiency.

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Fast-Track Change Requests

Offer built-in e-signature and pre-fill capabilities for faster, more accurate post-sale processes.

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Cut Out Paper

Manage post-issue services digitally, getting rid of printing and mailing costs for good.

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Automate Subsequent Premium Submissions 

Speed up processing and reduce the number of needed customer touch points.



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