Life Insurance and Annuity Quoting Software ​

Increase your advisors’ productivity with tool that simplifies both annuity quoting and life insurance quoting with multi-product comparisons.

One Platform. All Your Lines of Business.

Advisors want a quick and simple way to sell. They need a solution with advanced features but in an easy-to-use package. Something that handles all their quoting activities but with simple, cohesive workflows.

We have good news! Our quoting solution delivers the connected and comprehensive quoting experience advisors are hoping for—and clients expect. With Hexure, your advisors can handle all their quoting activities inside a single, unified platform. Multi-product. Multi-carrier. Life insurance and annuities. Everything advisors need to provide a modern and efficient sales experience.

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Easily Move from Quote to Submit

Allow your advisors to kick off the application process by digitally submitting quote and insured information.

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Get Solutions Configured to Your Needs

Customize carriers, products, features and branding to fit your unique needs. Design the seamless process your producers want.

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Offer User-Friendly Experiences

Advisors can easily share quote information with clients and make the most of every sales opportunity with detailed quote analytics and reporting.

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Whatever product lines you sell, our solutions can make your quoting process faster, easier and more user-friendly.

Make Life Quoting Easy

Modern consumers expect fast and convenient sales experiences. It doesn’t take much for them to look elsewhere if the experience is less than expected. Manual quoting and comparison processes make the sales experience disjointed and ultimately tedious for the consumer. It’s time to stop making life insurance quoting harder than it needs to be and start giving advisors the tools they need to be successful. 

Advisors need more information and faster workflows. They need a streamlined digital sales experience that earns new business and keeps client satisfaction high.   

Our multi-product, multi-carrier comparative quoting solution allows advisors to access everything they need in one holistic view. Life insurance product rates, carrier information and more.  

Find the Best Product for Clients

Advisors need information to help their clients make a buying decision. They need easy access to the latest rates and underwriting guidelines. They need automation to optimize the decision process. Our life insurance quoting software supplies detailed quote and product information so your advisors can reliably find the best product for each client.

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Enjoy Automated Health Class Selection

Our health analyzer tool reduces NIGOs by producing more accurate quotes as a result of automatically determining health class per carrier. 

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Use Cutting-Edge Features

Quote like a pro with the industry’s most robust functionality, including needs calculation, multi-face amount comparisons and advanced product filtering.

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Use Data to Your Advantage

Advisors can easily share quote information with clients and make the most of every sales opportunity with detailed quote analytics and reporting.

Simplify Annuity Quoting​

Advisors expect the annuity sales process to be messy, disjointed and a lot of work. Annuities are complex products, and finding the right product fit is challenging. Comparing products is an even taller ask. And explaining the differences to the client? Virtually impossible.   

Plus, gathering quotes manually takes valuable time and is prone to errors. A standalone quoting tool is not much better. They offer a disconnected workflow, require learning a new user interface (UI), and may still fail to present the results clearly. 

Hexure’s annuity quoting tool streamlines and simplifies the process. Our solution connects with other sales activities, making it easy for advisors to learn and use. Quickly find the right product for clients with side-by-side comparisons. And, easily understand and explain annuity products with intuitive quote presentations.   

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Cool. Calm. Connected.

Disjointed annuity quoting workflows take up advisors’ precious time. All too often advisors are forced into a frustrating disconnected workflow that that does not match the needs of your business and sets your advisors up for failure. 

Hexure’s quoting solution gets rid of the runaround. Advisors and clients enjoy a streamlined sales process with a quoting workflow that connects seamlessly to the next step. Data flows from the quote directly into other sales activities, giving advisors a more efficient workflow and increased productivity. 

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Build Your Ideal Workflow

Customize the next step in your workflow for a more effective sales process.

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Enter Data Once

Reduce data entry by quoting multiple products at the same time.

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Unlock New Efficiency

Give advisors access to multiple carriers and product types from one place.

“After a half dozen potential options, it became clear Hexure’s quoting tool offered lightweight capability, a good team, and a breath of integration from the tech and carrier data standpoint that would make us successful.”




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