Simplify Compliance Processes

Ensure compliance with changing regulations using the power of FireLight.

Compliance can feel like a nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to.

The shifting sands of government regulations make it time-consuming and expensive to manage compliance. It is hard to keep up. How are carriers and distribution firms supposed to navigate the complexity of compliance while still offering a streamlined sales experience? 


We have your answer: the FireLight sales automation platform. Enjoy a fully digital sales process designed to keep your compliance team happy and your records audit-ready at all times. It’s automation that lets you easily overcome compliance challenges so you can focus on your business and your clients.

FireLight helps you maintain compliance with...

Ensuring You Have the Latest
Forms and Rules

Never wonder if advisors are using the most up-to-date forms, rules and product information again. FireLight features a robust rules engine that prevents mistakes before they happen. Avoid everything from incomplete data entry to discrepancies, typos and more.  

FireLight connects carriers and distributors, ensuring firms and advisors have the latest in carrier rules, forms and product information. This doesn’t just save advisors from wasting time chasing down the latest documents. It allows your sales process to be consistently compliant, all while preventing NIGOs and saving you time and money. 

For an even more airtight audit trail, use FireLight to incorporate fee disclosures and commission disclosures inside the e-application process. 

Plus, FireLight allows distributors to incorporate their own forms as part of a connected sales process. It’s the smoothest sales experience your advisors have ever offered. 

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Front-Loading Suitability

Suitability is always in the spotlight thanks to ever-changing regulations, such as the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Retirement Security Rule. Stay ahead of the game with FireLight’s robust pre-sale capabilities. With our platform, broker-dealers, financial institutions and other distribution firms can put suitability forms and needs determination questions inside the e-application process—or in front of it. Which means you know your sales are compliant before you submit business.  

To speed up product selection and further ensure compliance, take advantage of FireLight’s scoring capabilities for product filtering and suitability. 

Plus, FireLight carries pre-suitability data forward in the process. No more re-keying information. No more typos or inconsistencies. Just reliable compliance inside a streamlined digital workflow.

Giving You Compliant Illustrations

Get compliance peace of mind knowing all output from your illustration software adheres to the latest regulations. Hexure’s illustration solution gets rid of the guesswork, putting powerful sales illustrations to work for carriers, distributors and advisors.  

But, effective sales illustrations need to be compelling in addition to compliant. Illustrations can be vital sales tools in the hands of advisors. And, they can lead to positive sales experience for clients. Our illustration software turns numbers into visual stories, generating output that helps clients more easily understand what they’re buying. It’s a win-win of a compliant sales process and more informed, satisfied customers.

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Offering Built-in E-signature

When your processes go offline, your compliance can go off the rails. A digital process is not just more efficient—it’s more trackable. Ensure your processes are audit-ready with FireLight’s built-in e-signature capabilities. You’ll add convenience and reliability to your sales process. Our e-signature solution allows you to collect signatures remotely, in person—even on mobile.  And, you will enjoy an automated audit trail.  

The proof is in the numbers. Companies who take advantage of our built-in e-signature enjoy a 98% adoption rate. That’s the kind of solution that allows you to focus on your products, your sales and your clients.

Empowering Your Can-Sell Checks

Streamline sales, prevent NIGOs and ensure compliance with FireLight sales automation. Unleash the power of our integration with SureLC, the industry’s leading fully digital platform for licensing, contracting and compliance management. Rest easy knowing your advisors have correct licensing, appointment and training to sell a product before they ever submit business.  

The SureLC integration offers convenient workflows to fix can-sell issues, keeping the sale moving and making sure your advisors look good in front of clients.

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Why Hexure?

At Hexure we believe in a digital future where consumers can buy financial and insurance products with ease from anywhere at any time. Our innovative, customer-centric sales experiences enable advisors to spend less time processing and more time selling. Join us in building the digital landscape of the insurance and financial services industry. 

Ready for Compliance Peace of Mind?

It’s time to more effectively navigate ever-changing regulations and elevate your compliance processes with FireLight. Use the power of our configurable platform to meet your firm’s workflow and process needs. 

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