Electronically Power Policy and Document Delivery

Efficiently and securely deliver policies, contracts and documents in minutes with in-good-order e-delivery.

Get Policies and Documents to Clients Faster
Today, clients are used to getting information and documents electronically. That is just as true when buying life insurance or an annuity. Clients do not want to wait weeks or months. Instead, deliver policies and documents to clients in minutes with a digital sales communication experience that they will appreciate.  
fast policy delivery
deliver a better experience
Deliver a Better Experience
Advisors and consumers expect great buying and selling experiences. Make it easy to do business with you by delivering a modern digital communication sales experience. Electronically deliver policies and contracts, prospectuses, billing notices and statements, advisor contracting and more with one solution. 
Get Rid of Paper. Save Valuable Time and Money.
Paper costs money. Each time a document or policy is printed and mailed, profits are impacted. Add on the time and work it takes to chase delivery requirements and signatures. Don’t let paper hit your profits anymore. Start reducing costs by delivering policies and documents electronically. 
save valuable selling time
ensure cimpliance
Ensure Compliance with Ease
Manual paper processes is not easy to track or drive in-good-order data collection and signatures. It is hard to ensure delivery compliance. With e-delivery processes, you can ensure compliance with ease. Electronic delivery is trackable with status, delivery receipt confirmation and audit trail no matter the document.  

Control Your Delivery Experiences

Your business and documents are unique to you. Don’t be confined to only one way to deliver documents to clients. Have the flexibility to create different e-delivery user workflows, review queues and process for any policy or document for an efficient electronic delivery experience.

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National Western Life took control of their e-Application platform maintenance with the FireLight Self-Management Admin System..

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