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Unlock your new digital sales experience with e-application and order entry software that reduces NIGO rates, streamlines sales and improves productivity.

Streamline Sales
A disjointed process slows down sales. Accelerate your time to issue and offer advisors and clients a fast, easy application process for new business, 1035 exchange and subpay processing with FireLight e-application software. Consolidate your process into a consistent workflow in one system. 
streamline sales
reduce NIGO rates
Reduce NIGO Rates
With the help of our e-signature capability, our clients have achieved not-in-good-order rates of less than 10% on average. The e-signature capability includes multiple capture options in both connected and offline instances. Improve sales and enjoy a faster sales cycle by maximizing your volume of in-good-order applications.
Create a Better Client Experience
Advisors and clients lose trust when they have a slow substandard sales experience. Make it easy to do business with you by creating a simple, straight-forward experience to buy life insurance, annuities, disability insurance, long-term care, mutual funds and more.
better client experience

A Faster Sales Process

FireLight e-application with built-in e-signature increases your productivity, streamlines back-office processes, and makes your client experience one worth recommending. It is the streamlined process your advisors and clients want guided by a powerful backend rules engine 

Real Clients. Real Results.

American Equity’s new business team saves 8.5 hours a week with FireLight e-Application.

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