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Unlock your new digital sales experience with e-application and order entry software that reduces NIGO rates, streamlines sales and improves productivity.

Ditch Paper for Streamlined Digital Sales

In the rapidly evolving life insurance and annuities landscape, embracing innovation is key to staying competitive. Hexure’s cutting-edge e-application and order entry software revolutionizes the way you do business.   Experience faster sales cycles, reduced not-in-good-order (NIGO) rates and elevated advisor productivity. Our platform seamlessly connects carriers, distributors and advisors to create a unified ecosystem that enhances the submission process.   It’s time you get rid of slow, expensive paper processes and unlock high-efficiency digital sales.  

Streamline Sales and Accelerate Time to Issue

Removing friction in the submission process is vital for you to be competitive in the modern insurance industry. Hexure’s e-application platform accelerates your time to issue, offering advisors and clients a rapid, user-friendly application process.  

Make your advisors’ workflow easier with features such as pre-populating known information. Plus, our e-application software offers forms and wizards. You choose between the form-like experience some advisors are comfortable with and wizard workflows that present only the fields they need—and none they don’t. Leading to every sale being more efficient and faster.  

Streamline Sales Accelerate Time to Issue
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Consolidate Your Workflow

Streamline processes by managing new business, exchanges and subpay processing into a consistent, efficient workflow. 

Single Sales Platform

Accelerate Applications

Witness enhanced productivity as our platform expedites the application and submission process with the latest in automation technology.  

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Streamline Reviews

Rely on automated review queues to avoid the work of approving simple cases and set up business rules to streamline complex ones.

Dial In Your Operational Efficiency

Dial in Your Operational Efficiency

Our e-application solution empowers you to level up your operations. Never deal with incomplete or erroneous data again. Wizard-guided workflows make sure advisors cannot proceed with errors in the application. It all adds up to improving your sales process and reducing administrative overhead, which frees your team to focus on higher-impact tasks. 

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Use Built-In E-Signature

Enjoy multiple capture options for e-signatures, both online and offline, providing flexibility while ensuring compliance. 

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Transform Your NIGO Rates

Get NIGO rates under control with modern digital workflows. Our clients have average in-good-order (IGO) rates north of 90%!

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Utilize Can-Sell Checks

Manage compliance effortlessly with automated license and appointment checks integrated into the application process.

Elevate the Advisor Experience

Hexure’s e-application solution is designed with advisors in mind, offering features that increase their productivity and deliver exceptional user experiences. From suitability scoring to back-office workflow management, Firelight equips advisors with tools to provide the industry’s most robust digital sales experiences.

Elevate Advisor Experience
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Manage Suitability Effortlessly

Advisors can rely on our rules-driven suitability scoring and workflow, ensuring each sale aligns with regulatory requirements.

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Be Where Advisors Want to Work

Our embedded API capabilities let you configure products and rules once and deploy anywhere—including advisors’ preferred systems.

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Give Advisors Their Optimal Experience

Tailor the platform’s user experience to match your advisors’ preferences, improving advisor adoption and efficiency.

Get Comprehensive and Compliant Sales

Get Comprehensive and Compliant Sales

Never worry about compliance again. Our e-application software offers features like usage reporting and can-sell checks to ensure regulatory adherence. Plus, manage all your products and lines of business in one place. No more jumping from system to system. No more worrying if your data is audit-ready. Just one powerful solution to offer comprehensive and compliant life and annuity sales.

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Enjoy Our Automated Compliance

Rely on our platform’s automated audit trail, ensuring regulatory compliance and easing audit preparation.

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Sell Across All Lines of Business

Our solutions adapt to your needs, covering all lines of business, product types and application processes—life, annuities, LTC, DI, med supp and mutual funds.

Be Part of a Win-Win Ecosystem

Advisors enjoy multi-carrier quoting, while carriers can set product defaults to show their products in the optimal light.

American Equity's new business team saves 8.5 hours a week with FireLight E-Application.

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Provide Seamless Final Expense Sales

Carriers can offer advisors and clients a cohesive, end-to-end final expense sales process.
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Level Up Your Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Sales

We connect financial professionals with licensed advisors through our RIA concierge services package. 



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