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Experience more in-good-order sales with FireLight.

Think a 90% in-good-order (IGO) rate is out of reach? Think again.

From pre-sale to e-application and e-signature through post-issue, FireLight creates a smooth, efficient and modern end-to-end digital process. As a result, firms who use FireLight achieve a NIGO rate of less than 10% on average. 

With FireLight, easily provide a better customer experience, eliminate paper forms, and increase speed to policy issuance.

All while maintaining compliance and, in the end, closing more sales.

FireLight reduces your NIGO rates by…

Streamlining Replacements

Replacements and 1035 exchanges are the most common places NIGO applications occur. They also happen to be the most challenging NIGOs to solve for.

The FireLight platform integrates with industry-leading ceding carrier database 1035 YellowPages. Advisors can be confident they’ll meet ceding carrier signature and form requirements before submitting the application. Plus, FireLight uses data validation to address other ceding carrier requirements.

Process Applications Faster
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Preventing Errors

Missing paperwork. License and training gaps. Payment errors. All are frustrating NIGO-causing issues—and all are easily preventable with the right technology.  

FireLight is your digital guardian angel. It enables can-sell checks that catch license issues before your advisors submit business.  

Trying to proceed without needed signatures? Not a chance. FireLight’s e-Signature and rules capabilities make sure you capture the necessary signatures.  

Missing forms, keying errors, inaccurate payment information—FireLight prevents them all.  

Your advisors can finally have confidence that applications will proceed in-good-order. And they can reliably give their clients a streamlined, error-free sales experience.

Playing by the Rules

Take control of your workflow using FireLight’s robust rules engine and wizard capabilities. Design a sales process that prevents mistakes before they happen. 

Whether distributor or carrier, you can ensure advisors never miss required forms. Create rules that prevent incomplete data entry, typos, discrepancies and more. FireLight also pre-populates information previously entered—or pulled in via one of our many valuable base integration 

Support your advisors with rules-driven workflows that ensure they submit applications in good order every time. Advisors spend less time chasing down that latest form change and more time serving their clients.

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Putting an End to Paper

An end-to-end digital sales process is the only real antidote for NIGO applications. Paper introduces opportunities for errors. Even the smallest mistake can lead to NIGOs that delay decisions for weeks—or longer.  

FireLight keeps your sales process online, where it should be. All sales activities are managed digitally, in a single end-to-end platform. From needs analysis and illustration down through e-application, e-delivery and post-sale services. FireLight even has built-in e-signature capabilities, making sure your process never reverts to paper. 

Today’s consumers expect a sleek digital sales process. End-to-end. No exceptions. In an industry still rife with wet signatures and snail mail, you can give your clients the modern experience they are looking for.

It’s Time to Restore Order

Are you ready to remove the burden of NIGOs from your advisors and experience more in-good-order sales with FireLight?

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National Western Life took complete control of their rules and forms, reducing turnaround from weeks to days, dropping NIGO rates as a result.

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