Enable Quick and Easy Access to Sales Illustrations

Carriers and distributors can maximize sales opportunities by getting life insurance and annuity illustrations in front of advisors and clients quickly and efficiently.

A Compelling Product Story

Make it easy to run product illustrations for multiple lines of business on a single annuity and life insurance illustration platform. Do more than show the numbers. Tell the story. Offer compelling and compliant illustrations through an intuitive and streamlined experience. FireLight sales illustrations – Single and multi-carrier. All lines of business. Any product. 

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Whatever your role in the life insurance and annuities industries, we designed our software to make your illustration process faster, easier and more user-friendly. 

Compliant Sales Illustrations for Carriers

Reduce costs and eliminate duplicate work by using a single sales illustration solution for all your lines of business and easily deploy products across multiple sales channels. Showcase the best of your product features and benefits with better policy presentations. Advisors and clients get a consistent user experience, and you have peace of mind knowing every illustration is compliant, compelling and helping to streamline the sales process.  

Build Your Products and Deploy Anywhere

Versatility meets usability with FireLight. You have never enjoyed this much flexibility or control of your illustrations. Your distribution partners can embed your FireLight illustrations experience into their preferred system. That means advisors enjoy a familiar workflow and always have the latest product information.
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Effectively Try New Markets

Our build once, deploy anywhere solution gives you opportunities to cost-effectively expand into new markets.

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Simplify with Wizards

Wizard-based and rules-guided workflows mean anyone can manage your illustrations process, including advisors unfamiliar with your products.

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Ensure Compliance

Get peace of mind knowing all output from your illustration software is compliant and includes the most up-to-date product information.

Compliant Sales Illustrations for Distributors

Compliant, compelling illustrations are at your fingertips. FireLight sales illustrations turn numbers into visual stories clients can understand. Your clients get a consistent experience regardless of product or carrier. And, you will transform your placement ratios and in-good-order rates with FireLight’s digital sales processes.  Give your advisors the chance to elevate the client experience with attractive and accurate sales illustrations.

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Maximize Advisor Efficiency

Equip advisors with the most streamlined sales illustration experience in the industry. FireLight’s illustration solution provides the tools they need to reach new levels of efficiency. Intuitive workflows, the very latest in carrier products and forms, compliant output. It’s all there. And, it adds up to the most efficient paperless sales process your advisors have ever experienced. 

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Illustrate Multi-Product, Multi-Carrier

Run illustrations for multiple products and carriers from a single location. It is the illustration software you need for the digital sales workflow you want.

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Use Wizard-Guided Workflows

No more relying on case designers. Rules inside the system act as helpful guard rails. Wizards walk advisors through the illustration step by step.

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Create a Continuous Sales Workflow

Combine sales illustrations with FireLight’s other sales activities and have one interconnected workflow. Close the sale more easily without speedbumps.

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