Enable Quick and Easy Access to Sales Illustrations

Carriers and distributors can maximize sales opportunities by getting sales illustrations in front of advisors and clients quickly and efficiently. 

Sales Illustrations for Distributors

Save Time with Multi-Product, Multi-Carrier Illustration Software
Make advisors light on their feet and able to quickly and efficiently meet client needs. With FireLight sales illustrations, advisors can run illustrations for multiple products and carriers from a single location. It is the illustration software you need with the sales capability you have been wanting.
save time
increase sales opportunities
Increase Sales Opportunities
Make the most of every sales opportunity. Our sales illustration software ensures your advisors have the latest carrier products, meaning your clients receive the best possible product options. Attractive illustration presentations and graphics customized to your brand turn your compliant illustrations into hard-working sales tools.
Create a Continuous Sales Workflow
When you combine sales illustrations with other sales activities in FireLight, your advisors will have one interconnected sales workflow, which makes it easy for them to meet client needs and submit in good order business. It is also more efficient and saves valuable selling time.
create continuous workflow

Sales Illustrations for Carriers

Tell a Compelling Story
Your illustrations are a sales tool—or at least they should be. The sales illustrations in FireLight lets you differentiate yourself from the competition and tell a compelling story, so advisors and clients see your value.
compelling story
Make Compliance Easier
Meet ever-changing regulatory requirements and get accurate and compliant illustrations to market faster. With FireLight sales illustration software, you have the configurability and self-service capabilities to efficiently manage your product illustrations when you need to and quickly.
Deploy Products to Multiple Sales Channels
Support all your sales channels and enable different sales model capabilities from one solution. Enter new channels and expand product availability with reusability, efficiency and a consistent user experience when you embed FireLight.
multiple sales channels
reduce costs and effort
Reduce Costs and Effort
Manage one illustration software for all your lines of business and channels. Manage your products using the FireLight admin system and easily deploy your products to distributors and your own FireLight environment, saving time, effort and costs.

What Our Clients Say

A Compelling Product Story

Make it easy to run product illustrations for multiple lines of business on a single annuity and life insurance illustration platform. Do more than show the numbers. Tell the story. Offer compelling and compliant illustrations through an intuitive and streamlined experience. FireLight sales illustrations – Single and multi-carrier. All lines of business. Any product. 

Real Clients. Real Results.

National Western Life took control of their e-Application platform maintenance with the FireLight Self-Management Admin System.

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