Streamlined Sales Experiences

One platform for the entire sales workflow.
Digitally transform your sales process with an end-to-end sales platform. Our insurance sales solutions are configurable, cost-effective and consistent. Spend more time selling and less time chasing down paper forms or dealing with frustrating NIGO business.
Exceptional Advisor Experiences
Be easy to do business with. Give your advisors a single platform with an intuitive and unified sales experience that supports all their sales activities. You can even embed the experience in your own platform.
advisor sales meeting
increase sales opportunities
Faster to Market
Get products to advisors quicker and more efficiently with self-management control. Carriers no longer must depend on a vendor to get new products and rates to their distribution partners and advisors. With your product rates updated on the platform in real time, advisors can sell with confidence.
Increased Sales Volume
A faster, easier experience for clients translates to growth in sales. The good news is you will have the digital infrastructure to handle it.
back-end sales support
simplify change requests
Fewer NIGOs
Get rid of frustrating and expensive NIGO applications. Our digital solutions prevent errors from missing paperwork, license gaps, payment errors and more. And with built-in e-signature, advisors can capture the required signatures to submit in-good-order sales.
Connected Data
Eliminate redundant data entry and drive in-good-order sales with interconnected sales activities through the entire sales cycle. With a single platform, data flows from one activity to the next, saving valuable selling time.
consumer insurance sales process

Integrates with All Your Favorite Tools

Our digital insurance sales solutions connect with the solutions your IT teams rely on for maximum efficiency.

Real Clients. Real Results.

Financial Independence Group (FIG) set out to create an end-to-end sales process for their advisors and clients.

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