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June 1, 2011
Colorado Springs, CO

Insurance Technologies announces full production deployment of their electronic application and forms platform, FireLight®, at the ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum conference May 22-24, 2011. FireLight is an electronic fulfillment solution that expands beyond the ordinary electronic application systems currently offered to the financial services industry. This flexible, one stop electronic application solution for all lines of business manages the application data collection process improving point-of-sale effectiveness and compliance management. With built-in intelligent business rules, application data population and reflexive questioning tools, FireLight can logically add or remove forms from the application package generating more in good order application submissions while reducing operation and issuance cost. FireLight also provides a familiar carrier forms layout interface, which makes FireLight an easily adopted solution generating a smooth application process for the home office, agent and customer.

FireLight simplifies the application and forms process, condenses processing time and facilitates straight-through processing for enterprises providing more time to focus on new sales opportunities. FireLight is the industry’s most comprehensive Web based electronic application system that modernizes the application process with advanced capabilities including built-in suitability, reporting (audit trail and usage), electronic signature and complete forms administration to easily create, manage and deploy forms. 

With its agility and flexibility to integrate with existing CRM systems and the numerous forms capabilities beyond application functions, FireLight provides enterprises a solution that can be implemented based on individual operational needs. By implementing sales solutions like FireLight, enterprises can not only advance their operations to the next level, but can also recruit and retain the best producers by providing high quality and easy to use software.

Learn what FireLight can do for your enterprise by visiting https://hexure.com/insurance-sales-software/e-application/. Start processing sales faster with FireLight.

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