FIG’s Automation Journey to Create Seamless Sales Processes

Financial Independence Group (FIG) Shares Their Strategic Approach to Eliminating Paper and Creating End-to-End Electronic Business Processing to Further Support Advisors and Clients

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Financial Independence Group

Financial Independence Group (FIG) is a full-service marketing organization helping independent financial advisors and insurance professionals grow their businesses across all 50 states.

[Hexure] hosts Innovation Insights: an informative question and answer session on digital processing, sales, and experiences with the industry’s leading players. This session of Innovation Insights we meet with Arron Price, Chief Operating Officer for Financial Independence Group (FIG) to discuss FIG’s vision to eliminate paper and move to electronic processing. 

Listen in as we talk with Arron about FIG’s automation journey, where he sees the insurance and annuities industry headed, and why technology that focuses on more than just features will play a critical role in facilitating the massive shift in end-to-end digital sales.

Hear how FIG’s vision has transformed from creating an environment where they could submit their applications electronically to looking at the entire sales process to create a one-stop shop for their advisors to conduct business seamlessly.

Gain Insight On:

    • Why workflows and rule sets are critical to accelerating efficiency
    • How to increase adoption and ensure advisor success
    • What the critical steps are to making an end-to-end sales process a reality
    • Opportunities to support various products, workflows, and markets
    • How leveraging collaborative partnerships will move the industry forward

"It became apparent that we can't move forward in an industry if we are fully paper on the outside"

Create End-to-End Electronic Sales Experiences

Are you ready to make a digital end-to-end sales process a reality and deliver a one-stop shop for your advisors to conduct business seamlessly? Hexure can help.

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