FireLight® Embedded by Insurance Technologies Delivers Innovative Sales Enablement in Third-Party Sales Platforms and Solutions

October 30, 2018
Colorado Springs, CO

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, October 30, 2018 – Insurance Technologies, LLC, a provider of sales and regulatory automation solutions for the insurance and financial services industries, announced the addition of FireLight® Embedded, a whole new way to leverage FireLight Sales Platform features and sales activities in third party systems. FireLight Embedded provides unique system accessibility, creating seamless and cohesive sales experiences across different lines of insurance, retirement and financial products for different sales channels and sales opportunities.

FireLight Embedded removes the friction for advisors using multiple platforms throughout the insurance and financial sales process. With FireLight Embedded, carriers and distributors can build their products, integrations and processes once in FireLight, then make them available in various third-party sales systems where their advisors conduct business.

This new FireLight Sales Platform capability allows FireLight sales components, rules and configurations to be used in any third-party or proprietary solution. Some solution examples include advisor portals, CRM systems, wealth management platforms, financial planning systems, direct-to-consumer solutions and post-issue servicing websites.

“Our goal is to create the ultimate user experience, which varies dramatically from organization to organization and channel to channel. With FireLight Embedded, our clients can leverage all of the features and rules implemented in FireLight and render the data and sales capabilities in solutions of their choice,” said Doug Massey, EVP, sales and strategic relationship management, Insurance Technologies. “Using the FireLight platform’s API capabilities, existing clients are able to expand their use of FireLight to new services and channels while new clients are given the ability to add illustrations, e-applications and other FireLight components directly to their existing platforms. It’s all the features our clients know and love about FireLight while providing them complete control of their user experience.”

“It’s our goal to keep things simple and user-friendly so people can spend less time figuring out a new system and more time conducting business,” said David Fenimore, CEO, Insurance Technologies. “That’s why FireLight Embedded is a game changer; it’s the key that unlocks access to FireLight services through existing solutions so users can conduct business in the systems they’re familiar with. This extension of our platform eliminates the need to manage multiple systems that don’t talk to each other—FireLight Embedded gives users FireLight functionality in their full suite of platforms without sacrificing experience.”

FireLight Embedded can be used for any FireLight platform sales component including pre-sale functions, illustration, e-application, post-sale services and more, providing a unique solution to quickly and efficiently create unique selling experiences and processes based on the channel, while reducing costs associated with multiple system implementations and maintenance.


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Insurance Technologies provides innovative sales and regulatory automation solutions to the insurance and financial services industries. Offering a suite of integrated sales solutions, from pre-sale functions to illustrations and e-application to post-sale services, Insurance Technologies provides carriers and distributors the sales capabilities and tools to create automated and cohesive sales experiences for their advisors and clients across all lines of insurance, retirement and investment products. The unique architecture and flexibility of its solutions deliver front and back-office configurability and usability to support multiple business strategies, encourage cross-channel growth and evolve with regulatory changes.

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