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Registered Investment Advisor Concierge Workflow Services Package

Automated Solutions to Streamline RIA Channel Insurance Sales

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Close the Gap. Connect Disjointed Processes and Streamline Sales with FireLight's RIA Concierge Workflow Services Package

The RIA market continues to grow along with carrier adoption of offering fee-based products, which require insurance-licensed advisors. So, carriers offering annuity and life products for sale in the RIA market need to work with an in-house or outsourced insurance desk (OID) to manage hand-offs of RIA leads to licensed advisors.  

With multiple parties and hand-offs involved, the sales process can become disjointed and inefficient. Both the RIA and the OID must have clear visibility into all aspects of the transaction to best support the needs of the client. Carriers and OIDs need automation to facilitate the RIA-specific processes and workflow activities associated with sales in this market. 


The RIA Concierge Workflow Services package connects financial professionals with licensed advisors to streamline sales of products in the RIA market. 

This solution is designed to facilitate an automated process from RIA firm onboarding to e-application submission.

  • Enhanced Expert Support Support the sale of no-commission, fee-based annuity and life insurance products created for the RIA market, connecting Financial Professionals with Licensed Advisors, the subject-matter experts of solutions offered within this space.
  • Expanded Sales Channel Allow licensed advisors to broker the sale of products to the customer of a non-insurance licensed financial professional, expanding offerings and maintaining assets under your fiduciary control.
  • Compliance Made Easy Automated proof of regulatory requirements provide a compliant record of the sale, including the customer needs analysis, financial objectives, and best interest assessment.
  • Streamlined Process and Transparency Connect disjointed processes and offer clear visibility of pending sales.
  • Increased Value to Clients Allows financial professionals to offer access to the highest quality insurance and annuity products to meet their client’s needs while maintaining discretionary authority over their financial portfolio, leading to stronger, long-term and trusted relationships with their clients.
RIA Concierge Supported Features
  • Simple, templated process to best meet your specific workflow
  • Automated RIA firm onboarding
  • Included customer authorization wizard
  • Support for carrier concierge desk and outsourced insurance desk
  • Case sharing and case transfer capabilities
  • Electronic signature from all necessary parties based on your requirements
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