Configure Once. Manage Centrally. Distribute Anywhere.

Take control of your user experiences and unlock infinite sales opportunities. 

Be Where Sales Happen

Configure your products and rules once and make them accessible within advisor portals, CRM systems, wealth management platforms, financial planning systems and even in direct-to-consumer solutions. Unlock your full sales potential by delivering products and processes where sales happen.

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Reduce the Friction

Switching between platforms adds friction to the sales process. Make it easy for advisors to access and sell your products. With FireLight’s embedded APIs, advisors no longer have to leave their preferred platform to complete a sale. Carriers and distributors can embed FireLight activities where your advisors already spend most of their day.

Save Time and Money

Getting products to multiple distributors and channels no longer has to be a laborious or expensive process. Embedded sales API allows re-use of business rules in multiple user interfaces. So carriers build products, rules and services one time and deploy them to multiple distribution partners and markets.

control pre-sale processes
simplify quoting
Control Your Sales Experience

Each carrier and distributor can take control of their own defined user experience. Create custom sales journeys using the same rules and offer a modern sales experience.

Support and Enter New Markets

Capturing new markets has never been simpler. Embedded technology uses what you have already created in FireLight so you can expand into new markets and generate new sales opportunities. 

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Real Clients. Real Results.

Signal Advisors Brings Technologies Together with FireLight Embedded to Create a Connected and Unified Sales Experience for Insurance Professionals.

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Be Where Sales Happen

FireLight embedded API gives you the control to put FireLight activities directly in your user experience. Achieve next-level straight-through processing by delivering products and processes where advisors already conduct business – in an advisor portal, third-party system or your own, proprietary website. It’s the power of FireLight where you want it.


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