Hexure Job Scam Warning

We are aware of a sophisticated scam in which attackers are targeting job seekers online using our entity information and logos. These scammers are contacting victims using email addresses that point to a plausible “Hexure” domain—e.g., hexure.site, hexure.online, hexurecareers.com. We are working diligently to have these sites taken down and are taking steps to ensure these sites cannot be used by bad actors in the future. Hexure.com is our only official domain.

We are deeply disturbed by the accounts of this fraudulent activity. We’ve filed complaints with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI; we encourage victims to do so as well. We’ve provided links for reporting to these agencies below. If you are outside Colorado and/or the United States, please take the time to find where to report and file a report with relevant agencies. The particularities of your engagement with the scammers will be invaluable to any investigation.

We regret that this scam may have impacted you and encourage you to check out our actual vacancies at https://hexure.com/about-us/careers/ and apply through the relevant links there if you find a position of interest.


Identity Theft, Fraud and Cyber Crimes Victim Support | Colorado Bureau of Investigation

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