Insurance Technologies Simplifies E-Application Business Fulfillment and Processing with FireLight® 2.1.

September 18, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO – September 18, 2012 – Insurance Technologies, LLC a provider of innovative sales and regulatory automation solutions to the insurance and financial services industries, announced today the release of FireLight® 2.1, an e-application business fulfillment platform using HTML 5 technology with mobile and e-signature capabilities.

FireLight 2.1 provides agents with an enhanced and familiar user experience for electronic business processing on any device with Insurance Retirement Institute (IRI) certified electronic signature functionality that delivers in good order straight-through processing. Developed with Microsoft .NET 4.0 and HTML 5 technology, FireLight 2.1 has the same end user experience across all devices.

FireLight 2.1 key features include:


  • A familiar user interface – As a web application overlaid on top of form images with a powerful rules engine, FireLight provides a familiar process to the agent. With built-in reflexive questioning, progress meters and an enhanced user interface, FireLight guides agents through a simplified and seamless application and business process workflow. FireLight helps to decrease and/or eliminate not-in-good-order (NIGO) submissions by presenting business as the carrier requires it and capturing the data dynamically as the information is collected. This approach provides the end user with an intuitive experience, which helps lead to greater adoption by distribution.



  • Flexibility – The flexibility of FireLight managing all lines of business for new and post-issue transactions on one platform across multiple distribution channels provides the industry a strategic business fulfillment solution for the carrier and agents. With multiple implementation options, products can be on the FireLight platform in weeks.



  • E-Signature capabilities – Certified by the IRI, FireLight provides multiple electronic signature processes including click wrap, click-to-sign and direct on-tablet signature capture to meet diverse selling behaviors.


FireLight provides the industry a powerful rules engine, system integration support, intuitive user interface and mobile capabilities to increase business processing efficiency and drive adoption for greater ROI for carriers and agents.

Steven Leigh, Principal Analyst, Industry Advisory Services – Insurance for Gartner, said, “While the life insurance industry has struggled with e-app adoption over the past 20 years, most of the barriers to adoption have been overcome, and I expect rapid growth over the next five years in the availability and adoption of e-apps for life new business.”

“We are proud to offer the industry the only multi-device, multi-line business platform with a user-friendly, intuitive interface that delivers a customized, on-the-go user experience which helps pave the way for the adoption of mobile e-application business fulfillment,” said Jim Ferrell, VP, FireLight Product Management, Insurance Technologies. “Financial advisors are increasingly relying on tablet devices to conduct business, and the ability to use e-signatures on any device, at no extra cost, is new to the industry and a huge asset for our customers.”

About Insurance Technologies (
Based in Colorado, Insurance Technologies provides innovative sales and regulatory automation solutions to the insurance and financial services industry, supplying Carriers, Broker Dealers, Bankers and Advisors the accurate sales tools allowing them more time to develop new sales opportunities. Our product suite manages the sales process across distribution channels thus providing Straight-Through Processing (STP) resulting in more in good order applications. ForeSight™ is a mobile point-of-sale platform that illustrates all business lines across diverse distribution channels. VisibleChoice® is a multi-carrier annuity sales and suitability solution that compares side-by-side product features and benefits thus reducing compliance risk and increasing suitability. FireLight® is a low cost, flexible and easy to deploy device-agnostic business fulfillment solution that automates any existing sales process across all lines of business.

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