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Standardized, Simplified, Efficient Sales for Life Insurance and Annuities

Our digital sales technology powers a better process so your agency can improve sales and recruit more agents. Selling insurance and financial products has never been easier. Fill out the form to learn more about discounts for LIBRA agencies.

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We are excited to work with industry leaders like you on maximizing sales and growing your business.  

Our suite of solutions simplifies digital sales experiences and power a better process so you can improve sales with a simplified digital process that is more efficient, saves you time and money, and provides a better experience to your advisors and clients.

Hexure Solutions

Simplified digital sales experiences from powerful sales automation software built to support your unique needs today and tomorrow.
Term Life Quote-to-Submit Solution
Our term life quote-to-submit solution delivers a modern enrollment experience. It is the one seamless multi-carrier quote-to-submission workflow that will transform how you sell term life.
  • Submit term life business in five minutes

    Quote, compare and submit business quickly and easily with our standardized workflow.

  • Offer real-time case status

    Get the insight your advisors want and clients demand with step-by-step case status tracking across all your cases, in one system.

  • Compare the true value of products

    Compare products on more than price with our proprietary product scoring that quantifies consumer value with weight factors, including financial strength, accelerated underwriting eligibility, and more.

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FireLight Sales Automation Platform
Power your sales journey—now and in the future—so consumers can buy financial and insurance products the way they want. Quickly, digitally, and at their fingertips. Lighten your workload and end messy, disjointed processes with our modern suite of connected sales activities in one platform.
  • Control critical activities at the beginning of the sales process

    Say goodbye to double keying (and quadruple checking) pre-sale data. We support a range of pre-sale functions, including needs determination, pre-sale authorization, pre-suitability, multiple product sales, account opening and more!

  • Get multi-carrier, multi-product quotes in one solution

    Enable your advisors to quickly and easily access rates, carrier information, underwriting guidelines and more through one multi-carrier, multi-product comparative quoting solution.

  • Run illustrations for multiple products and carriers from a single location

    Attractive graphic presentations and illustrations can be customized to your brand. Turn compliant illustrations into a hard-working utility that is critical to your sales success.

  • Ditch paper for a faster, easier, more modern way to submit business

    Capture complete data, collect signatures (at no additional cost), and submit e-applications to carriers with a simple straight-through process that improves in-good-order sales for all life insurance and annuity products.

“Hexure software has been a game-changer for our advisory team. By automating tedious application processes, it has significantly increased our advisors’ proficiency, saving them valuable time. Moreover, the exceptional support provided by the Hexure team ensures that any challenges are swiftly addressed, further enhancing our experience with the platform. Highly recommended for any organization looking to streamline operations and empower their advisors.”
~ Alex Boddy, Nextek Development 

About Hexure

Since 1995, Hexure has delivered solutions that power superior digital sales connectivity, processes and workflows. Both carriers and distributors use our technology to sell and serve their clients in the digital age. Our solutions deliver customer-centric experiences, accelerate speed to market, improve in-good-order sales, and meet regulatory requirements.
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