New Name, New Look, Same Dedication to Innovation 

Our company has a new name and look, and we are thrilled to share this transformation with you.

Our Journey

It all started in 1995 when we began our journey as Insurance Technologies. We wanted to transform the insurance and financial industry through powerful sales and regulatory automation solutions that empower financial professionals and advisors to better serve their clients.

Today that is still our mission. We remain dedicated to innovation and developing software solutions that solve the industry’s most critical challenges. We are committed to helping the industry and our clients achieve and advance their sales, operational and business goals.

So, what is new?

We have evolved as a company since 1995. We have grown, continued to innovate, and expanded our capabilities and resources.

A New Adventure as Hexure

We have changed in the last couple years. Through the acquisitions of IXN (2021) and MyMedicareBot (2022), we have expanded our market-leading solutions into the life insurance and Medicare industries. We are serving more segments of the insurance and financial services industry with our quoting, sales, illustrations and Medicare enrollment tools. While Insurance Technologies will always be part of our history, it is time to embark on a new adventure – evolve our brand. We are taking on the new name of Hexure and transforming our brand to better align with who we are today and where we are headed next in our journey. 

What’s Behind the Hexure Name

Hexure [heck-sure] is derived from two powerful elements—hex and ure. Hex signifies strength found in the stability of hexagons. [S]ure represents our extensive history and experience in the insurance industry.

When you work with Hexure, you have a partner that has a strong drive for innovation, steadfast commitment to your success, deep industry and technology experience, and powerful solutions that help you achieve your digital sales journeys.

Our name and look may be different, but we still believe in a future where the industry enables consumers to buy financial and insurance products quickly, digitally and at their fingertips. We are here to make that dream happen.

And that is what our new brand stands for.

Our Brand Assets

Join us in sharing our new name and look using our latest and greatest brand assets.

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