Save Time and Money by Digitally Processing Post-Issue Transactions

Embed post-issue services in your portal or direct-to-consumer website to meet consumer expectations of a digital-first process.

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Provide the digital service experience consumers want, and empower your advisors to spend less time servicing and more time selling.

In a world where everything is done by app – from banking to ordering toilet paper, consumers are not only expecting a digital process, they are demanding it.

The insurance carriers who provide that digital-first service experience are the ones who will win. Stay competitive and embed FireLight’s post-issue services in your current portal or website so you can service those consumers where they want to do business… online.

FireLight streamlines the data collection, signature capture, and submission process for inforce policy or contract change requests.

FireLight Post-Issue Services:

  • Beneficiary, address, and marital status
  • Fund rebalancing
  • Banking updates
  • Withdawlas and surrenders
  • Loan requests
  • Claim notifications
  • Rider changes
  • Advisor/agent changes
  • And much more!

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