Transamerica Implements Insurance Technologies’ FireLight® to Process Annuity Business More Efficiently and Accurately

March 9, 2015
Colorado Springs, CO

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, March 9, 2015 – Insurance Technologies, LLC, a provider of sales and regulatory automation solutions for the insurance and financial services industries, announced today that Transamerica has implemented FireLight® as the platform for back office processing of its annuity products as well as an electronic business fulfillment platform provided to front office with a focus on independent channel partners. Transamerica employees benefit from the intuitive approach of Firelight, which appears just like the application, making data entry much easier.  

By implementing FireLight, Transamerica is also able to offer their distribution partners, including partners who haven’t had access to e-applications in the past, an intuitive and mobile solution that simplifies the way Transamerica products are processed while decreasing “not in good order” business, cost and time. 

Transamerica worked closely with Insurance Technologies to configure FireLight to replace its in-house back office data entry process. Having FireLight as its back office system helps Transamerica team members quickly validate the accuracy of annuity applications. FireLight integration with Transamerica’s CRM systems automatically prompts with reminders and confirms the accuracy of the information for a more proficient and expedited process.

“We are pleased to deliver meaningful solutions that make a difference in the way our clients conduct business and build relationships with clients,” said Jim Ferrell, Vice President of FireLight Product Management. “Time and time again, FireLight has proven to provide the flexibility to meet clients’ unique business requirements, lower costs and increase efficiency. We are very happy to deliver these benefits to Transamerica, and we look forward to working on additional projects with them in the near future.”

About Insurance Technologies (
Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Insurance Technologies provides innovative sales and regulatory automation solutions to the insurance and financial services industries. Our product suite supplies carriers and distribution partners accurate tools to automate and accelerate the sales process allowing more time to develop new sales opportunities. ForeSight® is a mobile point-of-sale illustration platform that supports all aspects of the insurance sales process for multiple lines of business across diverse distribution channels with customized user experience and content branding options. FireLight® is a device-agnostic, user-friendly, easy to deploy e-application business fulfillment platform that automates any existing sales process across all lines of business facilitating straight-through processing.

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With a history that dates back over 100 years, the Transamerica companies are recognized as leading providers of life insurance, savings and retirement and investment solutions, serving millions of customers throughout the United States.  Transamerica’s corporate headquarters are based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Baltimore, Maryland. Transamerica is a member of the Aegon group of companies. Aegon is one of the world’s largest life insurance, pension and asset management groups, operating in over 25 markets worldwide with over 27,000 employees. For the full year 2013, Aegon managed €475 billion in revenue generating investments.

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