Visualizations: Bridging the Gap Between Quote and Illustration

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Annuities are complex insurance products. It can be challenging to explain how they work to clients, let alone showcase their value.

Annuities are also difficult to compare. Quotes do not offer enough information to compare value. Illustrations, on the other hand, are thorough. Too thorough. At least to be practical solutions for evaluating one product against another.

This is why many advisors might find selling annuities intimidating. At the very least, they find them exhausting.

But what if they had the right tools?

Quotes can be too simplistic and illustrations unwieldy. What you need is something in the middle. A solution that helps clients easily see the annuity’s value, and just as easily compare it to other products. You need a tool that offers dynamic, comparable visualizations.

What Did Your Client Expect?

Ask yourself. Did the client walk into the office expecting to sit and compare complex illustrations? Or do they expect to decide on an annuity product—an important investment for their future—based on price quotes alone?

That’s not the sales experience they get in other areas of their lives. It shouldn’t exist here, either.

That is why we at Hexure created our visualizations tool. Clients needed an annuity sales process with fewer barriers. Consumers should be able to easily find the right annuity product for their needs. Advisors needed technology to elevate the sales experience in the ways clients want.

Visualizations change the game. They are not just a happy medium between quotes and illustrations. They are an entirely new tool in your toolbox. The modern way to sell annuities.

Visualize The Future

Hexure’s visualizations tool turns illustrations into interactive, easy-to-understand graphs. You can quickly analyze premiums, account value and cash surrender value. And, you can present the information to clients in a dynamic visual format.

Visualizations also allow you to compare up to three scenarios at once. This speeds up the decision process. Plus, it ensures clients truly understand why one product might offer them more value than another.

Think about the ways this tool could improve your efficiency and elevate your client’s sales experience.

  1. An easier product discovery process. Advanced search and filtering capabilities give you complete control. Clients get more precise matches to what they need because the advisor found the best available options—and they understood the differences between them.
  2. More informed and empowered clients. Digestible and comparable product information puts your client in the driver’s seat. They understand what they are getting before they buy and are more satisfied with the sale. Happy clients stay with you for the long term in addition to bringing referrals.
  3. Reduced work and saved time. Advisors are empowered to do their jobs more quickly and at a higher level. You can offer clients a truly modern sales experience, spending less time explaining and more time selling.

Make the Complex Simple

Annuity sales have a reputation for being challenging. They don’t have to be. If you equip advisors with the right tools, you can bridge the notorious gap between quotes and illustrations. Visualizations offer a faster sales process and better client understanding. It’s a tool that allows the advisor to focus less on explaining complex products and more on finding the right annuity for their client.

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