What if You Were the Firm Who Made Annuity Quoting Easy?

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Annuities are hard. There, we said it.

They are hard on advisors trying to find the right annuity for their client’s needs. They are hard on clients—who don’t live in our world every day—struggling to understand varied and complex terms, features and riders. Or, trying to grasp the difference in value from one product to the next.

There are a lot of annuity products out there. Trying to sort out which one is the best fit can feel like trying to find a needle in… a stack of needles.

But what if you could somehow make the annuity quoting process easy? What would it mean for your business?

Dream Big

The short answer is good things would happen. An easy annuity quoting process would generate more sales revenue for your firm. Why?

  • You would meet client expectations. No small task in today’s consumer-centric marketplace. Imagine a fully digital, streamlined quote-to-apply experience. It would result in happier clients and more referral business.
  • You would attract and keep the best advisor talent. Today’s top advisors know the difference between good tools and bad ones. They do their jobs well. They expect their sales solutions to put in the same effort.
  • You would empower advisors and back-office staff to be more productive. The ideal quoting solution would lead to finding the best-fit product quicker. And, it would mean less time spent correcting NIGOs because of fewer errors.

We know that’s the type of experience you need to provide so you can stand out from the competition. That’s why we at Hexure designed the solution that brings your ideal quoting process to life.

Feel Free to Quote Us

Hexure’s sales automation solutions let you demand frictionless, fast and easy annuity sales.

Did you know you could have…

Streamlined annuity quoting as part of an end-to-end platform?
Our FireLight sales platform handles every part of the sale in a single, cohesive, digital workflow. Quoting is just the tip of the iceberg. It also supports pre-suitability, illustrations , e-application, e-delivery and post-issue services. FireLight has a unified process and sophisticated rules engine. So, our clients achieve single-digit NIGO rates and next-level advisor productivity.

Multi-carrier and multi-product line capabilities?
Point solutions are not doing your advisors any favors. With FireLight, advisors can quote and submit both life insurance and annuities for multiple carriers inside the same platform. No more jumping from system to system. No more chasing down the latest product information from carrier websites. It is all there and at your advisors’ fingertips. Which leads to more accurate quoting, a shorter sales cycle, more productive advisors and happier clients.

A pricing model that actually makes sense for distributors?
Point solutions miss the point in more ways than one. FireLight supports all your activities across the sales cycle. So, we can offer packages specifically designed for distribution firms. And, we can do it with pricing that makes sense for your business.

Plus, FireLight is the only major sales automation platform that does not come with transaction fees to distribution.

Don’t Just Stand Out. Stand Tall.

Annuity sales are challenging. Most firms are not able to offer anything that resembles a streamlined quoting and e-application process. Consider FireLight your opportunity to stand head and shoulders above your competition. Your advisors, clients and bottom line will thank you.

Register for our upcoming webinar on June 6 to see Hexure annuity quoting in action.

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