Simplify Pre-Sale Activities and Data Collection

Take control of your sales activities and processes with rules-driven data collection with pre-sale functions in FireLight.

Cool. Calm. Comprehensive.

You can’t afford for the first step in your sales journey to be manual, messy or disjointed. If you are not meeting the modern consumer’s expectations for a cohesive digital sales experience, you have lost the sale before you even started.   Now is the time to think bigger. Our powerful sales platform manages every pre-sale activity in a single digital environment. Needs calculators and analysis. E-signature. Account opening. Pre-suitability and compliance. Review queues. Field underwriting. Pre-sale authorization and disclosures. Plus, data flows seamlessly into future sales activities, giving your advisors and clients a truly cohesive sales journey.

Make Streamlined the Status Quo

Disparate solutions complicate your workflows and slow down your processes. They create errors that lead to not-in-good-order (NIGO) applications and make you look bad in front of the client. It is time you simplified your sales process. Hexure’s pre-sale solution connects all your pre-sale activities for a faster, easier and more reliable sales workflow.

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Enjoy Seamless Data Flow

Integrate your pre-sale functions with other FireLight sales activities for seamless information flow and a superior client experience.

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Control the Sales Journey

Create a consistent sales process with features like wizard workflows and built-in e-signature.

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Enter Data ONCE

Advisors can finally stop double keying data into your back-office system. They save precious time, and you eliminate manual data collection.

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Power Your Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Sales

Our RIA Concierge Workflow Services package connects financial professionals with licensed advisors.
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Provide Seamless Final Expense Sales

Offer a cohesive, end-to-end final expense sales process for advisors and clients.


Pre-Sale Functions

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